Limonium is also known as broad-leaved static, Sea Lavender, or rosemary.


This species is a perennial evergreen plant. Its leaves are green from spring to fall in most varieties. Limonium produces clusters of small flowers in a group. Blooms are lavender in colour, or pink. The plant grows to about 2 meters in length may need five years to mature.


This plant can be found growing in a natural form all over the northern half of the globe. The flower Sea Lavender grows well in dry land or coastal parks.


Plant seeds of the plant in pots, separating in the spring and should be in a sunny area.


Limonium belongs to the Pumbaginaceae family. Limonium bonduellii and Limonium platyphyllum are the two most popular and are readily available over a wide range. Limonium bonduellii is an upright plant with branches of yellow clusters. Broad-leaved statice has a more diverse form with showers of white leaves, and violet or lavender blooms from July to September.

Care Tips

Plants should be cultivated in an area that is sunny and with the sandy soil the plant prefers. In winter, it is best to cover Limonium bonduellii to protect them from the cold.

Did you know ? 

The name “Limonium” comes from the Greek word “leimon,” meaning “meadow".