Genus belongs to the lily family, known as Liliaceae. Although there are some species which do not belong to this genus in spite of the presence of the word Lily in their names, such as Peace Lily and Day Lily.


Lily flowers on long skinny leaves which increase the length of the trunk. Many of these species have aromatic odours and generally range in length from 12 cm to 30 cm and more in some varieties.


Species differ in their habitat, for example, Lilium monadelphum and Lilium pyrenaicum come from Europe, in particular Turkey and Spain, while the Lilium auratum and Lilium lancifolium come from Asia.


The flowering period differs depending on the species, and there are some species are available throughout the year.


Popular species are the fragrant white Lilium Candidum, the Madonna lily, and the Lilium longiflorum, which originated in Taiwan and has a bunch of flowers in the form of a trumpet.

Care Tips

Lilies can be cultivated in fall and grown in deep vessels. Care varies depending on the species’ need for sunlight.

Did you know ?

- Madonna Lily was used for thousands of years by the ancient Greeks as a medical pomade, as well as for its beauty and decorative reasons.

- The ancient Greek name for Lily was leiron, and it was believed this plant grew from the goddess Hera. 

- Lily flowers are given to those who have reached their 30-year wedding anniversary.