The name Oncidium is derived from the Greek "onkos”, which refers to the characteristic swelling its plants.


The plant blooms are usually yellow in colour with brown petals. Some come in a green colour, with some varieties growing to a height of 5 meters.


The natural habitat for these types of orchid flowers are hot countries and tropical areas, especially in the Caribbean and the Americas. Hybrid species are adaptable to more moderate conditions.


Some varieties have initial small green flowers and a big lip, while other varieties have small prickly bulbs. Leaves and blossoms differ in colour, and the diverse species means blooms are present from the spring to mid-winter.


Oncidium Jen consists of 330 species of orchid flowers in the sub-family Oncidiinae. There is some discussion as to the correct classification of the species within the genus, and some are separated into smaller groups.

Care Tips

Oncidium orchid plants prefer to grow in cold climates and prefer a shady place in the summer.

Plants need regular watering, and prefer the addition of moist soil when you see new shoots of the plant.

Did you know?

Oncidium flexuosum were brought from Brazil in 1818.