Nerine indicates a generic name for a group plants in the family Amaryllidaceae. The most well-known of the species is the nerine Nerine bowdenii.



Nerine bulbs are considered suitable for planting in a pot. Flowers are perennial and produce in pink, orange, white, and purple.


The plant comes from warm climates such as South Africa, where they have grown for many years. Hybrid species have been introduced around the world, and through this kind of hybridization, the plant is now adaptable to many different temperatures.


Begin to flourish in late August to September. Plants are cultivated by planting seeds in temperate times.


Nerine are part of the Amaryllidaceous sub-family of Amaryllidoideae and there are approximately 30 different species belonging to the same genus, each with unique characteristics.

Care Tips

This plant thrives in fertile soil. For ideal cultivation, plant in the spring.