Narcissus (Narcissus) is the scientific name for the daffodil family, so named because they contain a toxic substance. Narcissus in the Greek language means anaesthesia, referring to the nature of the cotyledon narcotic.


Narcissus plant has a characteristically long trunk with a tubular Central crown with three petals. Narcissus flower usually comes in a yellow colour or in the colour white in some cases. The colour of the cup differs from the crown.


Plant originates from the Mediterranean Sea and also can be found in China and across Asia.


The plant is available in the month of October.


The plant has several types and also hybrids. Popular species include Paper Whites, Daffodils and Jonquils.

Care Tips

The Narcissus plant does not need a lot of care. Seeding is preferred between August and November, although the month of August is the best.