Moluccella is a member of the mint family and is a genus that has four members only. The most popular are Moluccellalaevis, known as the Ireland bell because of their green petals in the form of a bell, not because they are from Ireland.


The plant has a long wooden trunk with a length of up to 60 cm. Moluccellalaevis produces small white flowers similar in form to a bell.


Moluccellalaevis originated in the Mediterranean region, especially in the Middle East and Syria. The plant has been adapted for use with different types of soil and grows best in rich soil with fertilizer.


Moluccellalaevis blooms in summer if it has been cultivated by spring. This plant blooms for ten weeks only.


One smaller type is moluccellalaevis Laevis, known as Pixie Bell.

Care Tips

The cultivation of the plant requires some skill. You must cultivate the seeds under a cover to retain heat and should only gradually be introduced to outside conditions.

Did you know ? 

Moluccellalaevis can be used for dried flowers by being suspended upside down after picking and left to dry. Seeds are found in the plant's base.