Known by scientists as Chrysanthemum frutescens, this plant is also known as the Paris daisy or Margaret daisy.


The plant has a green trunk and produces white flowers and there are some varieties produce yellow or pink flowers come plant a length of 60 cm despite the fact that some of them grow to a meter in height if it is grown in suitable conditions.


This genus originated in the warm Canary Islands, and thrives if planted in the sunlight. They prefer sandy soil.


The plant blooms in the summer and is available in stores during the spring as cut flowers.


Marguerites from one type of frutescens, a plant similar to Leucanthemum. They had previously been considered a kind of Chrysanthemum, but were re-assigned as a class of Argyranthemum which is one of the Aster family.

Care Tips

Marguerites cannot bear cold temperatures, and will lose leaves. Fertilizer can be added to help it survive and grow in the winter.

Did you know ? 

Marguerites have several names, including Ox-eye daisy and Moon daisy.