Lisianthus refers to the plant divided and transplanted from Eustoma, usually known as Texas Bluebell or Blue Field Daisy. These flowers usually come in purple or pink and some varieties in a white colour.


Lisianthus flowers are decorative plants can be planted in special containers and can be used in flower arrangements. It can grow about 15 cm with some varieties reaching up to 60 cm in height. This plant is characterized by the bell shape of its heads of flowers. Most are a blue colour, and petals usually present in one colour or two colours.


Lisianthus belongs to the genus Eustoma, found in the family Gentianaceae.

Care Tips

Lisianthus plants are very sensitive to frost and therefore must be protected in cold weather. The continued use of fertilizer, along with regular watering and feeding, will help you to get the best results.

Lisianthus represents charisma and kindness. In the past, it has represented romantic feelings.